Advice Column #1

Recently I have been actively checking my social pages, while sipping my steamy half-caf coffee, and answering requests for advice around entrepreneurship. So, I decided to start a semi-regular posting answering these calls for help and support! Who knows, perhaps you’re going through something similar!

Here is this week’s “letter”:

Hey man. Thanks so much for your articles in Linkedin. My biggest issue is spreading myself too thin and try to do too much. Any advice on that? I am looking to hire a game programmer on a project basis with a fixed lump sum which I can spell out in a statement of work and contract.
What are good methods of finding the right people?

A tough question, and really two requests in one, like a Russian Doll of time management, this person needed to get more done, and outsource the work, but isn’t sure how to find the right person to outsource too. So, do they spend their time learning recruiting or focus on just getting the work done themselves?

Here was my original advice :

Hey *****, I am working on ways to cure that [time management] personally, however as an entrepreneur and full-time employee it’s really hard to not be spread thin. It’s just part of the hustle when you are growing a business. What exactly are you working on, and do you know the exact specifications on what you need? There are several options you have here. You could try making a profile for your company on angellist and creating a job posting. Talented people are on there trying to get jobs with startups/tech, and are willing to trade skill for equity.

You could also turn to sites like Fiverr or Upwork, where you can keep searching until you find a coder you jive with.

Another option is to scour Linkedin for people with the skills you need and reach out to them personally. Always ask them if they could forward you onto a friend in their network with similar skills if they aren’t interested.

The last option is checking out out-sourcing sites to find coders. I have lots of connections to people in other countries willing to work for cheap who are amazingly talented. Just let me know and I’ll try to find someone in like South America, or the Middle East who is trustworthy, talented, and cheap! 🙂

To quickly recap what I covered here…

When you are growing or starting a business, it’s going to be a slog. Sure you can point to “over-night successes”, but what you didn’t see were the 10+ years that it took them to reach that point that seemed “over-night”.

However, if you are growing and need to expand the team I covered a few tricks or resources you can use to find the right people.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork allow you to post freelance job requests. I would suggest starting with a request that is short, straight-forward, and allows you to swiftly judge several applicants abilities quckily so you can find the right person for you.

If you need something more… permanent, you can always check Linkedin and search for people skilled in what you are seeking and just reach out. Most people are willing to at least connect, and if they have the bandwidth for a new project, you may even find your co-founder! You can also request an intro to a friend who may be interested.

The very last option is to learn to do it yourself. If you don’t have a tight time-table or are confident in your skills, taking the time to learn never hurts!

If you have any questions that need an answer, I am more than happy to take a stab at it!

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Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Now what?

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