Step 2 to Starting a Business

How strong is your mind? How many creative ideas did you allow yourself recently? I’m jumping right into the next step, which is getting your mind right. The entrepreneur thinks differently. Period. I can guarantee you won’t make it if you have a weak mindset.

So, let’s take a trip inside your new mind. According to Carol S. Dweck Ph.D., a world leader on personality, social psychology, and developmental psychology, there are two different mindsets that someone can have:

A Fixed mindset or a Growth mindset.

It doesn’t take an MBA to figure out that the entrepreneur has the growth mindset. It makes sense. However, how do you know what mindset you have?

Dr. Dweck has a simple test. Read each of these statements and decide if you agree or disagree with it:

• Your intelligence is something very basic about you that you can’t change much.
• No matter how much intelligence you have, you can always change it quite a bit.
• You can learn new things but you can’t change how intelligent you are.
• You can always substantially change how intelligent you.

If you found you agree with statements 1 and 3, you have a fixed mindset. If you found you agree with statements 2 and 4, then you have a growth mindset. You CAN have a mixed mindset, however Dr. Dweck finds that most people tend to lean one way or another.

Why is this important? When starting a business, it’s going to be tough. There WILL be mental breakdowns, and most people starting their first business will experience a place called the ‘Trough of Sorrow’.

Without your hardened growth mindset, focused on both personal and business goals, you and your business won’t make it.

So, how do you change to or maintain a growth mindset? Great question. sits back

It’s complicated. In my blogs I am trying to not only impart what I have learned, but also provide tools to help you. I hate being told, and not given the tools to succeed. However, this subject it a bit more… personal. So, here is my best advice :

Pay attention to the language you use to describe everyday experiences.

The Hell does that mean? Let me give an example…

Dr. Dweck performed an experiment where she gave 10 year olds problems that were a bit too difficult for them to perform. The successful ones used different terms to describe their experience than the unsuccessful ones. Things like ‘Oh! I love a good challenge’ or ‘mmm, I hoping this would be informative’.

On the other side, some kids exclaimed how ‘tragic’ their situation was or that it was going to be a ‘catastrophic’ failure. It’s not hard to see the difference in language.

So, applying that your life and business, adopt the saying of…

‘Not Yet’

Whenever you encounter a challenge that you can’t overcome, don’t meet a milestone, a goal, or a myriad of other situations, this will maintain your growth mindset. It will also give your mind and body an achievement to work toward next.

TIP: Want to really give it a test? This is a game made for children to teach growth mindsets. It does not punish for failure, but continues to reward for thinking outside the box, and trying new situations : THE GAME. Play it for 10 minutes and pay attention to the language and strategies it uses to promote a growth mindset for gameplay.

Applying this to entrepreneurship, use this growth mindset to start thinking of ways to get excited about problems you encounter. These new ways of solving common problems are businesses just waiting to be born! This is where the entrepreneurial mind blossoms!

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Now what?

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