Step 1 to Starting a Business

How much time did you spend watching Netflix last month? What percentage of your time did you spend on personal growth? What did all that time you had last week go towards?

I know, I know. Not super sexy reflecting on your time usage when Frank Underwood has something much more clever to say.

The first step to starting your business is mastering your time. Once yu know where your time is going, you can allocate and control it.

So how do you track your time? Get an application like Chronos [iphone/andriod] or Reporter [iphone]. They’ll automatically track where your at and you can add in the activities later. Reporter will even ask you questions throughout the day on what you are currently up too!

UPDATE : I found that these tools are okay, but my short-term memory tends to suck at recall, so I made a small hack using IFTT. Master your time with my easy to setup solution.

Record goals, and hold yourself accountable for your time. Find ways to make your daily life quantifiable.

Do this for 1 week. I guarantee you’ll be blown away by your time allocation. Then schedule your life with aggressive time-slots. At a minimum though, allocate 40% of your time for rest, relaxation, or fun.

Burnout is a real thing. Don’t over-work yourself!

Cool tip: I’ve taught my Pitching Arts class to over 150 students and business professionals in the bay area. Many of them successfully raised money afterwards, but all of them increased their comfort on stage. So, if you are a business or just want to learn, gather up 10 friends (or co-workers) and I’ll come teach you for FREE! Just e-mail me : Can only get 5,8,9 people? Send me an e-mail anyways, and we’ll figure something out.

Now what?

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